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Huntingdon County has been the home and inspiration for me as a photographer . I fell in love with the camera, it came from watching other photographers at event where I was playing music. As a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, I had some knowledge of the camera but a lot more of composition and what a good painting (or photo) would look like.

As I was the dj at too many weddings to count, I would see the photographers leave when I thought all the fun was staring. The dancing. I decided to get an Canon 7D and start shooting. I watched, and still watch countless numbers of youtube.com videos trying to learn,  get better,  and make clients love their photos.

I also love shooting senior portraits, maternity and engagement photos, in fact, it is a rare moment you would catch me without a camera. Please contact me with any questions. Weddings, senior portraits, maternity, engagement photos, family photos, pet photos or just about any photography needs I’ll do my best for you.